The International Network of Innovation Ecosystems

Considering the current health crisis and the recent developments on travel restrictions across Europe and the World, the Grenoble Senior Level Group of the HLF has decided to postpone the 2020 summit until autumn 2021.

This decision has been taken as an opportunity to create a differentiated digital event with innovative and valuable content to encourage more global participation within the HLF network. Therefore, the postponed summit will be replaced by the first HLF Connect briefing hosted online from Grenoble on Dec 1st, during which Innovation Ecosystems of the HLF will discuss three critical issues of our time :

Innovation ecosystem resilience: Impacts in the short to long term
New collaborations and alliances; strategies for inclusive innovation
Win Tech : winning technologies in the time of Covid


jan 2021

Best wishes for 2021!

On behalf of the whole HLF Office, the International HLF Steering Committee and the HLF Senior Level Group from GIANT Innovation Campus, we wish you a great year 2021, full of projects and success, drove by inspiration and willingness to keep pushing boundaries to stay strongly connected all together. Let’s keep carrying innovation for a better tomorrow, sharing policies and best practises to build together a desirable future.

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Annual Summit

Innovation Ecosystems : key-players in re-inventing Industry to support a resilient society

dec 2020

HLF Connect briefing


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